10 Best Rockies Moments: Chatwood slays the Giants

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This holiday season, Colorado Rockies fans had a lot to celebrate. They watched their team reach the postseason for the first time in eight years. The club is still littered with young and exciting talent. And, there is no shortage of endearing and indelible memories from the most recent season, keeping them warm through the cold winter months to come.

We continue our countdown of the 10 best moments from 2017 with a pair that might have flown a bit under the radar. In a season where every contribution, big and small, was pivotal to the eventual postseason appearance, a few were bound to get a bit lost. Today, we remember a role player who always seemed to make a big play when it mattered most and a pitcher, now with another team, who put up one of the absolute best performances from the mound by anyone who's ever worn purple.

Honorable Mention: Deep Into The Valatenight, August 24

If you weren't watching closely or getting your news from the right places, you might have missed Pat Valaika putting up one of the most valuable 0.4 rWAR seasons in recent memory. A .258 batting average and .284 on-base percentage mean nothing to the fans and teammates who watched him come through in the clutch time after time, all year long.

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