Avalanche Storytime: The legend of Ville Nieminen

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Remember Nemo?

As a longtime Avalanche fan, of course you do. But if you're a little younger and want to hear about one of the more unique players in team history, here are a few minutes about Ville Nieminen. A funny Finn off the ice who played with a mean streak on it, Nemo was a very important part of the Avalanche's 2001 championship team.

He didn't start the season with the team, though. He started it as a Hershey Bear. Nemo swore to me he would never sniff any chocolate fumes again before too long, and he kept his word.

More on that memory and others about him are included in my fireside chat. Click on the video below for more, and as always, thanks to our ace reporter/producer Allie Monroy for putting this together.



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