Broncos Film Room: Analyzing Baker Mayfield, the ultimate draft conundrum

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Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, Baker.

Baker Mayfield is the reigning Heisman winner, and even if you’re not a big college football fan, you’ve likely seen him at work. It’s also very likely what you saw was fairly spectacular, that’s what happens when you win the Heisman.

It’s no surprise then that most Denver Broncos faithful wouldn’t mind seeing the Oklahoma Sooner quarterback land in Denver. There’s no denying the selection of Mayfield would bring lots of excitement, but would he really work out?

We’ve seen plenty of Heisman winners flame out in the league, just like we’ve seen prolific spread quarterbacks crash and burn, and Baker is far from a sure thing. When it comes to Mayfield's NFL future, things are murky, not just due to the spread-out system he comes from but also to his undersized stature which is always a concern for pro scouts.

It’s not just fans whose interest has peaked in Mayfield but the NFL as well, including the Broncos, who asked to have the Sooner signal-caller on their North squad in next week’s Senior Bowl.

Mayfield is as divisive as it gets on film, or off the field for that matter. So before the BSN Broncos staff flies out to Mobile, Alabama to get a live look at the Heisman at the Senior Bowl, we had to dig into the tape to see what the quarterback brings to the table, good and bad.

Here’s what we found, and it’s important to remember a golden rule of scouting before starting; you shouldn’t hold things against a prospect that’s out of their control, meaning system, size, age or any other such factor.

Let’s dig in.

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