Chris Harris Jr. shuts down his side, plays game with only one arm

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Chris Harris Jr. walked into the locker room on Sunday night after most of his fellow teammates had already left and said, "I played that whole game with one arm, man!"

Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers never looked the way of Harris Jr. as he locked down whatever receiver he was on, all day long. Harris said, "I didn't get any action today from Rivers; I don't think he knew I only had one arm."

Harris Jr. thinks it was Antonio Gates who hit him in the left arm with his helmet, while Harris was covering Danny Woodhead out of the backfield. "The trainer was working on me all game but the feeling just wouldn't come back," he said. "A few times it was even hard to run full speed cause I could only use one arm."

Harris Jr. was late to the locker room because he underwent an X-ray that according to him turned out negative. He is thought to have a deep shoulder bruise and said that he is totally fine and will play in the Broncos playoff game two weeks from now.

When asked what the Broncos ceiling was, Harris Jr. said, "Winning the Super Bowl."

The Broncos have a first round bye and home field advantage throughout the playoffs after the win on Sunday.

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