Colorado Rockies Podcast

BSN Rockies Podcast: An advanced conversation on statistics and evaluation in baseball

On this episode of the BSN Rockies Podcast, BSN Denver Colorado Rockies' Beat Report Jake Shapiro moderates a debate on statistic in baseball between BSN Denver Colorado Rockies' Editor Drew Creasman and guru Manny Randhawa. Randhawa who is entrenched in the numbers has covered the game for for a number of years and is based in Denver watching many of the same Rockies' games Creasman uses for his old school all-encompassing approach on statistical analysis. The three try to answer what stats are worth using and which are not, the point of evaluation and a philosophy of where to draw the line on what matters and what is an individual event. The trio also tries to discuss some stats' shortcomings as well as the perception around stats particularly the Colorado Rockies and Coors Field.

A very huge thanks to our dear friend Manny Randhawa for joining us on the special BSN Rockies Podcast.

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