Four myths about who the Broncos will cut this offseason

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Credit: Mark J. Rebilas—USA TODAY Sports

DENVER — Fans, analysts, reporters, and heck, even current players believe sweeping change will be coming to the Denver Broncos’ locker room this offseason.

In a perfect world, John Elway and Co. would move on from any and all players they didn’t see as an ideal fit for the team moving forward. However, there’s a little—or major—thing called a contract, which makes moving on from some players much more difficult and nonsensical than others.

Over the next few months, names of who the Broncos can, and should, move on from will be debated until the cows come home, but because of individual players contracts, not all will be feasible.

These four names below are some of the most common names that will be thrown out there for the Broncos to move on from, but their contracts don’t lend to those moves making sense, and thus are myths.

NOTE: All of these numbers are based on a pre-June 1 release, as that’s when the team would need to make the move to free up cap space for free agents. Numbers are based on Spotrac.

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