“He’ll open somebody’s eyes at Summer League”: Kenrich Williams is going to Vegas with one goal in mind

Credit-Ben Queen/USA Today Sports

There was not a lot to do on Friday nights in Hobbs, New Mexico. The nearest city with any decent nightlife, Lubbock, Texas, was a 90-minute drive — too far a trip up Route 62 for one night out on the town. That meant Kenrich Williams and his New Mexico Junior College teammates kept it low key most of the time.

"Population: not enough," Williams said. "It’s small. You kind of grind it out for the whole year. You stay in the gym. There’s nothing else to do besides stay in the gym and chill with your teammates."

The Waco, Texas, native ended up in the dusty desert town after not receiving a single Division I offer out of high school. Williams knew he was talented enough to play at college basketball's highest level, but instead of sulking he helped the Thunderbirds to a 27-7 record while averaging 10.1 points and 6.9 rebounds during the 2013-14 season. TCU took notice, offered him a scholarship, and he accepted.

Five years later, Williams is once again traveling an arduous route to get where he wants to go.

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