How Daniel Amigo went from benchwarmer to pro prospect under Rodney Billups at DU

Credit: Carol McKay/University of Denver

The ink was still drying on Rodney Billups' contract to become the next men's basketball coach at the University of Denver when he vowed to turn a benchwarmer into a focal point.

In March 2016, Billups agreed to return to his alma mater after spending six years as an assistant on Tad Boyle's staff at Colorado. About an hour before he was formally introduced, Billups spoke to his team for the first time in the Pioneers' locker room. Billups told them about his plans to scrap the Princeton style offense they'd been running under Joe Scott in favor of one that was faster and allowed for more freelancing.

Then Billups addressed the player who would be critical in helping the Pioneers make that transition.

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