Joint Practice Takeaways: How Denver’s defense responded to Wednesday’s gashing

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Credit: Ryan Koenigsberg, BSN Denver

Editor's note: With the Broncos and Bears splitting their respective offense and defense between two the fields at the UC Health Training center, we split up to have one pair of eyes on each field at all times. In this piece, we focused on the Broncos defense.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Torched. Burned. Toasted.

Pick your poison. Those were the words used by those who watched the Broncos defense attempt to cover the Chicago Bears' strong contingent of tight ends—featuring former second-round pick Adam Shaheen and former Eagle Trey Burton—on Wednesday.

"They couldn't cover a tight end to save their life," said one media member.

"If you were a tight end for the Bears, you had a great day," said another.

By all accounts, it was ugly.

Interestingly enough, the Broncos weren't all that upset or concerned about what happened. Not because they're okay with getting smoked, but for another reason.

Here's why.

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