Rockies 10 Best Moments: The Sandblaster is born

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Credit: Jake Roth, USA TODAY Sports

Baseball is a game of fine execution. It is a contest of strategy and skill. Very rarely can a single, overwhelming performance swing the outcome of a game and etch itself into the minds of those who saw it. These types of moments can often get lost in the forest of a 162-game season. But not these two.

Just a few days apart in early September, left-handed-super-reliever Chris Rusin and team captain Nolan Arenado both managed to do something special enough that no fan requires video to recall them with extreme clarity. These individual efforts were breathtaking to witness in their own right but their magnificence is magnified in their timing.

Both moments coming during a stretch when the Colorado Rockies won six straight games on the road inside their division---against the two teams ahead of them---we continue our countdown of Top 10 Rockies moments of 2017 with an honorable mention that nearly made the list and our sixth entry:

Chris Rusin Freezes Justin Turner, September 8

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