Rockies 2018 Position Breakdown: Middle relief to be Rox backbone

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Credit: Matt Kartozian, USA TODAY Sports

For the 2018 Colorado Rockies, the young starting pitching is your likely heart and the dual-MVP candidates are the likely soul.

Of course, manager Bud Black and his team of coaches are the brains and some rookie position prospects are aiming to prove that they can be the muscle. But the backbone? The structure that holds all of these pieces together so that they can form a cohesive unit? That's the relief corps. More specifically, middle relief.

Colorado grabbed headlines this offseason by hitting hard on a slow market, not hesitating to sign Wade Davis, Jake McGee, and Bryan Shaw to fill out the backend of the bullpen. But as great as those players are, it's the names that come after them that have fans, coaches, GMs and teammates believing that this could be one of the best bullpens in the National League.

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