Ronnie Hillman says, “It wasn’t a Manning thing, it was an execution thing”

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Ronnie Hillman said that it's hard to give Manning credit for the offensive resurgence, "Especially when you have four turnovers when you're going in to score."

The Broncos turned the ball over four times in the first half. Two of the turnovers were deflected passes from Osweiler that ended up intercepted and another was from a blindside hit in which Osweiler had less than two seconds to throw the ball.

Hillman told reporters after the game, "My mind was on the game, not on Peyton coming in." He did note the change in the atmosphere but said that it effected the fans more than it did the players.

As far as the turnaround in the second half, Hillman said, "I don't think it was a Peyton Manning thing, I think it was about execution. Guys catching the ball, guys running the ball, guys holding onto the ball, and guys just doing the right things."

Hillman finished the game with 15 carries for a 117 yards and a touchdown.

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