Sources: Broncos offer Brock Osweiler nearly 40 million over three years

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According to multiple sources, on Tuesday, the Denver Broncos offered quarterback Brock Osweiler a $39 million contract over three years. The amount of guaranteed money included is not known at the time but one source told BSN Denver, "The majority of the first two years would be guaranteed."

Contract negotiations can sway dramatically from day to day, so we have to assume that the deal could have changed since then, but likely not much.

On Friday, one source told BSN Denver that the Broncos, "May have reached their ceiling," in the Osweiler negotiations, adding that they have been in, "Intense talks all week." It sounds like the club wouldn't be willing to go much higher than the current amount proposed but are very serious about keeping Osweiler around.

"This is a unique situation because Osweiler could enter free agency as the most coveted free agent QB in football with only seven games under his belt," the source said.


This deal would put Osweiler above Nick Foles ($12.27M) in quarterback salaries but below Andy Dalton ($16M) on that list. Regardless, it would be a big pay day for the man who made only $660,000 in 2015.

The idea behind a deal like this would be that Brock Osweiler gets compensated nicely for his current trajectory but isn't stuck in a long-term deal that doesn't pay him the franchise money that he thinks he's worth. Instead, both sides compromise and Osweiler gets to prove his worth and rework his deal in a few years if he turns out to be the franchise quarterback.

The Broncos will certainly be looking to get this deal done before Monday when the rest of the league can begin negotiating with Osweiler.

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