The BSN Avalanche mid-season awards

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Ron Chenoy, USA Today

The Golden Globes did their thing Sunday night, but we at BSN Denver can give out awards too. Presenting our mid-season awards and other observational designations for the Colorado Avalanche. Most of them are feel-good items that will tug the heartstrings, but we'll throw a couple raspberries in there too.

Without further ado...


Well, duhhhh. It didn't take the Academy long to come up with this one. The NHL's leading scorer since Nov. 1, MacKinnon enters the bye week tied with Philadelphia's Claude Giroux as the league's second-leading scorer overall, with 52 points in 41 games.

MacKinnon has just been flying out there of late. He's never been slow, but lately it seems like he's got rockets attached to his skates. At 13.2 percent, his shooting percentage has more than doubled from last season's 6.4. Of his 52 points, 17 have come on the power play. His four game-winning goals match his total of last season, including two overtime winners. His 18 goals are two more than last season's total.

While he was starting to score more while Matt Duchene was still on the team, MacKinnon has really taken his game to the next level with Duchene gone. He's become not just a top player again, but a real leader of the team.

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