Three directions the Nuggets could go on draft night

Credit-Greg Cooper/USA Today Sports

I was most of the way through an episode of "The Office" when the Nuggets finally beat the odds. Around the time Dwight blasted "Everybody Hurts" from his Trans Am, Tankathon spit out a scenario where the Nuggets picked second. It took 208 simulations for them to move up. As all that mouse mashing illustrates, Denver's chances of leaping into Luka Doncic range at the NBA Draft Lottery on May 15 are about the same as Dwight trading his Trans Am in for a Prius.

The Nuggets have a 1.8 percent chance of jumping from 14th to get a top-three pick and a 0.5 percent chance of getting the No. 1 overall selection. Those crummy odds are a product of winning 46 games and not making the playoffs.

Let's assume that when the ping pong balls are finished bouncing around next week, the Nuggets end up with the 14th selection. What are their options? They've already got more traditional power forwards than they know what to do with and a potential gaping hole at small forward to address. Here are three scenarios to consider.

1. The Nuggets trade up to nab one of the Bridges

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