Until Avs get a killer instinct again, they’ll still be losers in the end

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Ron Chenoy, USA Today

They fooled us again.

The boys in the room this morning said all the politically correct things with the worst team in hockey in their barn. They said how they don't look at the records of their opponents, that everyone is a pro and that they get paid too and that they've learned from past mistakes and...blah...blah...blah, it all turned out.

The Avs proceeded to go out and disgrace their own logo and the game of hockey with a brutally bad performance in a 3-1 loss to the 8-25-5 Arizona Coyotes. This result comes a little more than three weeks after the Avs lost to the next-worst team in hockey, the Buffalo Sabres, at home.

And this, this is why these Avs are still not ready for prime time. We've seen so many otherwise positive things from this group this year; a still-winning record close to January, some great wins over top teams, some good new youthful additions. With Cale Makar and Conor Timmins tearing it up for Team Canada in the World Junior Tournament and a raft of coming draft picks from the Matt Duchene trade, the future still looks bright to me with this club.

But this organization will never be a champion again if it continues to show the killer instinct of puppy dogs.

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