Why Colin Wilson is a bust no longer

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Kevin Hoffman, USA Today

BUFFALO, N.Y. - He played 56 games for the Avalanche last season and scored six goals. He's played four games for the Avalanche this season and scored three goals. There is no comeback player of the year award in the NHL, but if there were Colin Wilson would be right there in the early running.

"Wilson!" has become one of the obvious memes for Avalanche fans so far, this time in a good way. To continue with this metaphor, Wilson seems to finally feel at home instead of looking like a castaway like he did all of last year.

The 10-year NHL veteran just had one of those years, scoring just the six goals and 12 assists. With a salary of nearly $4 million, the Avs paid about $650,000 per goal. OK, that's enough mocking of last year.

Wilson doesn't take it personally. He's a pro and he knows he didn't produce. But he did have a valid excuse, at least for what was a very slow start.

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