Why is BSN Denver going to subscription? A letter from our Founder

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When we started BSN Denver in 2015, all we wanted to do was give Denver sports fans equal, in-depth, coverage of every team. We wanted each fan base to feel like they were part of a community. We wanted them to be able to talk with their favorite team's beat writers whenever they wanted to and have that beat writer encourage that type of environment.

We did it and it worked!

Since then, we've added a podcast network, a video department, and secondary beat writers to every beat. We've served millions of readers, listeners, and viewers in that time frame.

The one thing we have not done is stop. We have never taken a step back, and we have never accepted anything but the absolute best from ourselves.

Now, it is time to improve again. It's time to take the next step as a network, as a publication, and as a company. That next step for us is a mobile app, a faster and cleaner website, and a subscription model so that our readers do not have to engage with advertising any longer.

Yes, the new BSN Denver is ad-free and it's much faster because of it. We have a number of subscription options for you, as low as $2.02 per month. We will still have advertising on podcast and video—and they will still be free—but we will no longer be forcing banner ads or pop-ups in front of you. Not only is this the right thing to do but it is the future of legitimate, credentialed, journalism.

This not only creates a more reader-friendly environment for our users but this additional revenue stream will allow our beat writers to travel to more road games, giving you even better coverage than before.


Our friend Dejan Kovacevic in Pittsburgh was the first to prove the paid subscription model with DK Pittsburgh Sports and we were lucky enough to have him and his great team help us launch this similar platform in Denver.

Like all things at BSN, this is just the beginning. We will have a new podcast system on the app in about 6 weeks to make it even easier to listen to our team shows whenever you want.

With the addition of CTO Nathan Anderson, the advancement in technology will not stop. We will be improving and creating new technology from this point forward. We will be looking at ourselves as a tech company while creating the best tools and environments for every sports fan we engage with.

We will not stop growing and we will not stop improving, all in the name of the fans. That is my promise.


As a fan, you will not only receive an ad-free environment, a new site, a mobile app, and more road coverage. You will also see new types of coverage to enhance your experience.

We are launching a new analytics department, effective immediately. You will see a Game Grades report after every single game, grading every single player. You will also see a Film Room feature on your favorite team at least once per week.

On top of that, we are launching exclusive BSN player profiles and metrics in January. We have created grading algorithms and metrics that will be exclusive to BSN Denver, that you can only get here.

We are not stopping there.

You will soon see a new tab on the BSN menu bar called Locker Room Audio, this page will be a place where you can go after every game and hear raw, unedited, locker room conversations that our journalists have with players. These will not be produced or cropped, just labeled and dropped in for your listening pleasure. We are literally taking you inside the locker room.


I cannot thank you enough for all of the love and support that you have shown our fantastic team over the last few years. We hope that you subscribe and enjoy the new BSN Denver!


Brandon Spano

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