You may have seen me on YouTube or on social media getting pranked as I was hired full-time about a month ago. I’ve been working with the BSN Denver team for almost two years now and I’ve watched it grow into what it is firsthand, so being able to create and manage my own department, based on my strengths, has been a dream come true.

Enough of the gushy stuff, I was hired to do a job and that job is to develop our analytics department. I’m very proud to finally introduce our first phase with the Denver Nuggets.

The first BSN metric that we are introducing is the Dynamic Player Rating which you will come to know as DPR, a proprietary metric on a scale of 20 to 100 which measures 12 different statistics to assess a player’s production on a game-by-game basis. There are three different adaptations of the metric for point guards, wings, and big men.

We will measure the DPR of every player, after every game and you will see this log on his Player Profile page as seen here for Nikola Jokic. A player’s overall DPR will represent the average of those games. It is our way of determining what we can expect from a player on a night-in-night-out basis, not necessarily an overall rating like you would expect on NBA 2K.

You can see the entire Nuggets team on our new Nuggets Stats Page, where you can easily sort all categories including DPR. The top 15 NBA players in every position group can be found below that team list on the same page to help you put the Nuggets rating in perspective.

To access all of these new stats from any page, go to the Nuggets tab on the menu bar where the roster page now provides player profiles that are hyperlinked to the player’s names.

This is only the beginning of a very ambitious project where we expect to deliver this kind of depth on every team in the local market. We are already working on proprietary metrics for the Colorado Avalanche, with the Rockies and Broncos soon to follow.

In case you’re wondering, we’ll have DPR for every single sport and even more unique stats for those sports as well.

This has been a team effort, so a big thank you to the entire BSN team for their hard work and support throughout this process.


Andre Simone

Andre Simone was born in Boulder, Colorado raised in Milan, Italy and is the NFL draft and film analyst for Andre has charted every play of the Denver Broncos for the past several years and writes game grades after every Orange & Blue contest. Obsessed with the draft in all sports, he also developed stats for all four major sports and is the host of the Broncos draft podcast.

  • Nice! As a hockey fan I thought maybe there should be a goalie/defensive stat that captures how many goals are scored against after a rebound off the goalie and the puck doesn’t leave the zone. It would measure the ability/inability of the defensive unit including goalie to regain puck control, clear the zone and transition. How many goals are scored off rebounds off the goalie and the inability of the d to clamp down? To me good goalies and defenses would minimize that stuff. Just food for thought.

    • Great suggestion!
      I love the idea of tracking rebounds and especially goals scored off of them. We might have to track those manually, which means it might have to wait until next season, but that’s a great idea.
      Thank you for the input and support.

    • Thank you for your support!
      You can expect a DPR and updated game log the morning after every Nuggets game.
      We’ll get to write some more content on it soon here too. Jokic is currently the sixth-best big man in the NBA per our metric and scored in the 80s just this last game against the Spurs.

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