Avalanche Film Room: The Nathan MacKinnon Effect

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Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Avalanche Film Room is back! After taking a look at things like teamwork and the puck management issues of Patrik Nemeth, we've decided to tackle a bit more of an obvious topic today: Nathan MacKinnon. While there was a lull in his production at the end of the year, he found his familiar dominant form against St. Louis.

Below are a handful of clips of the different ways MacKinnon attacks opposing defenses and the stress he puts them under with his speed and aggressiveness.

One of the biggest changes this season in MacKinnon's play has been the diversity of his attacking with the puck and the way the offense, specifically the power play, is structured around him and his world-class ability to enter the offensive zone with the puck.

With that, let's get to the film.

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