Avalanche need to stop trying to reinvent the wheel

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY

So, I just finished watching the Avs play the Blackhawks from the lower bowl, something I try to do at least once a year. There is no comparison to what you notice seeing a game from close to ice level instead of the press-box rafters or on TV.

And, honestly, if I had a dollar for every "awwwwwww" or "nooooooooooo" I heard from very frustrated Avs fans, I'd be going out to a postgame steak dinner at Morton's with all the trimmings. I haven't seen Avs fans that mad/frustrated by a game in a while. (Not to mention, seeing fly-by-night bandwagon Blackhawks fans who didn't even care slap high fives made it triply frustrating, at least for the people I was sitting around).

My biggest takeaway from this game is the same one I've had for similar Avs losses of late: They beat themselves.

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