Broncos Film Room: Analyzing the roster’s best building block

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In a lost season, the Denver Broncos have made significant strides in one specific area, as their pass rush has improved from the 22nd-ranked unit in the league in 2017 with 33 sacks, to the sixth-best ‘D’ in the NFL with 43 in 2018.

With all the analysis we've done around Vance Joseph and his staff's ability, or inability, to effectively scheme the defense, the front end has definitely been a bright spot in an otherwise bleak season.

That's not to say the uptick in production has all been a product of scheme, far from it, nor that this should be a saving grace for Joseph to retain his job.

Whoever does take the rains in 2019, will have some important building blocks up front to build off of, and that's why we went back to the tape to re-watch all 43 sacks the Broncos have generated this year, all while keeping an eye towards the future and how Denver can build off their significant talent on the defensive front.

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