For the Avs and their fans, if it’s not panic time, it’s getting closer

Jean-Yves Ahern, USA Today

MONTREAL - Vacant stares. Clipped, abrupt sentences. Shrugged shoulders.

It seems like the members of the Avalanche are somewhere in the five stages of grief right now. First, there was denial that anything was really wrong. Then there was anger. Then, a bit of bargaining. Now, it appears some depression is setting in.

Whether the Avs start to become a team that - like they did just a couple of years ago - starts to accept losing? Well, it doesn't seem like it's at that point just yet.

But it's getting a little closer.

The Avs lost again Saturday night, 3-0 to the Montreal Canadiens. Despite a somewhat lackluster showing through the first two periods, Semyon Varlamov gave his team a chance entering the third, matching Carey Price save for save in a scoreless game.

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