Rockies Film Room: Bad offense or great pitching?

Photo Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The lackluster Colorado Rockies offense nearly hit rock bottom on Tuesday.

A team that has struggled all season watched (in an almost literal sense) former Rockie Jordan Lyles carry a perfect game into the eighth inning. For those living under a rock and are hearing this news for the first time, don't worry, we were all as shocked as you are.

Yes, that Jordan Lyles. The one that, by the time his tenure came to end, the Rockies trotted out whenever the game was too far out of reach, but someone needed to pitch the last nine outs. The one they didn't trust to get important outs, or any outs, really.

But on Tuesday, against his former team, he was nearly flawless, further exacerbating the panic among the Rockies and their fans about an offense that has been underwhelming all season.

How did this happen, and was it a product of a bad offense hitting rock bottom or a castaway catching lightning in a bottle for two hours?

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