Russell Okung has “no concerns” about Paxton Lynch or the Broncos offensive line

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Russell Okung is clearly the Broncos best offensive lineman. He's also grown into one of the team's most important leaders. 

“He’s really important,” head coach Gary Kubiak said in September. “Russell has been around winning, and he’s been a really good player, so that is what you want on your team.”

That winning mentality must also come with a positive attitude. After the Broncos 23-16 loss to the Falcons on Sunday, Okung stood in front of a barrage of cameras and recorders, and his confidence didn't waiver.

"It's just one of those days," he said. "I'm not concerned with Paxton's play at all. The guy went out there and he fought hard. He played great."

It's certainly fair to say that Lynch did not play great. In fact, most would say that his play was pretty bad. But there's something to be said about the opinion of one of the leagues best offensive lineman, in his seventh season, who's played with a young quarterback before in Russell Wilson.

The fans and the media only see the sacks, the interception, and the missed opportunities. But the players inside that huddle might see a quarterback who understands the offense but just isn't connecting. Or a guy that shows great leadership. Maybe even, if you've been around long enough, a guy who might be great one day.

Okung reiterated, "To me, he played very well."

As for the offensive line, Okung's sentiments were similar to the ones he shared about Paxton Lynch.

"We have no concerns, no concerns," he told the press. "I trust this group; I know we'll bounce back. I know what we have the potential to be, and we're fighting to be the best in the league."

It's safe to say that the Broncos top offensive lineman, Russell Okung, is not worried about today's performance. Only time will tell if his claims are legitimate.

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