The mind-blowing truth about Peyton Manning’s accuser

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EDITOR'S NOTE: This story contains a bevy of adult themes and terms. In an effort to accurately deliver the news in its organic state, as it stands, we have chosen to publish these quotes and screenshots as originally stated or published.

It's been over two weeks since Shaun King wrote the Peyton Manning story that changed the sports landscape forever. Since then, we have found out a lot about him and his subject, Jamie Naughright.

What Ms. Naughright might have underestimated about the news sphere in 2016 is that extreme transparency works both ways and for her, that is proving to be a very bad thing.

Jamie Naughright appears to be obsessed with sex and sexuality. The list of people that she has attacked with sexual claims is astounding.

We all know about the 1996 case by now but Peyton Manning wasn't the only person that she went after. The Associated Press released a report in 1997 outlining a whopping 33 claims made by Naughright (then known as Jamie Whited) against athletes, trainers, coaches and administrators between 1990 and 1996. It seems that almost anyone who came in contact with her in the 90's, assaulted or harassed her in some way, shape, or form.

With the big money Manning case behind her, Naughright would take her newly minted $300,000 and lay-low until 2002 when she filed a defamation suit on Peyton and Archie Manning after she claimed her character had been attacked in the book titled Manning: A Father, His Sons, and a Football Legacy. 

But Naughright would kick it up a few notches this time. She would add that Manning maneuvered his naked rectum and genitalia directly onto her head. The problem with this, of course, is that that she never reported it in the original case, a whole six years earlier.

And that's the problem with digging up a 20-year old story and unleashing it as unprofessionally as Shaun King did. The most grotesque part of Naughright's claim gets lumped into one big ball of momentum that can ruin a legacy.

The other problem that King and Naughright now have is that it's beginning to look like they worked together to purposely damage the reputation of Peyton Manning. If Naughright is indeed Mr. King's source, that would jeopardize any journalistic credibility he has left. And it looks like that may indeed be the case.

Tom Stokes, owner and founder of Sports Plus, told FOX Sports' Clay Travis that he has a phone recording of Naughright saying that she leaked the documents to Shaun King because she's broke and needs the money. Travis stated that he has confirmed that Naughright's home is currently in foreclosure.

Stokes has released some of the audio files but is holding the most damning ones back right now. Regardless, what he has published is mind-altering.

In the clip below, you will hear a foul-mouthed Naughright tell Tom Stokes that she wants Peyton Manning to tell the public that "He likes di**. Big di**. I want him to go on record that he likes penis."

One of her claims in the 2002 defamation suit was that she lost her job because Peyton and Archie Manning publicly called her "Vulgar." But according to the AP report, many people that were interviewed by investigators at the time said that Naughright (Whited) frequently used profanity in an effort, as one put it, "to prove that she was one of the boys."

NaughrightClay Travis had Tom Stokes on his Outkick the Coverage show on Tuesday and Stokes said, "The mouth on this woman is phenomenal. She is bipolar or schizophrenic. This woman has mental issues that only a psychologist can resolve."

But the vulgarity doesn't end there. Naughright brought her obsession to Facebook which made many people question her character. These are screen shots of Naughright's public profile, which has since been deleted.

Pickle washerWhether it's calling her friend a "crackwhore" and exposing her vagina reconstruction, or calling a man a "pickle washer" or even calling out three females from Tennessee because she thinks they are Lesbian's who hate her because she "likes penis," Naughright seems to be obsessed with sexuality and has no problem discussing these claims in front of thousands of people. In the most vulgar and disgusting way possible.

Ms. Naughright also seems to be obsessed with calling people out in the public arena. We counted over 30 people that were addressed negatively on Facebook alone, within the few screenshots that are posted in this story.

You can easily see how 33 claims were racked up between 1990 and 1996.

Naughright lesbo (2)Brian Farmer, who was a Facebook friend of Naughright, was also on with Clay Travis on Tuesday. Farmer was a distinguished Tennessee State Trooper from 1990-2002. One day Ms. Naughright sent him a message on Facebook. After a few conversations, things got weird.

At one point, he received a mind-boggling message from her stating,"I'm sorry you had a stroke and can't get laid, but I did know your father." That's when he blocked her on Facebook but then she started texting and then finally calling him until he blocked her on every social media platform and phone number.

Like so many others before him, Farmer was now on her hit list. She started telling everyone that he was gay or bisexual. He told Clay Travis, "I really hope the young girl gets some professional help and gets her life straightened out."

And like many others, he agreed, "She had the most vulgar mouth of any female that I have ever met."



According to John Battle, a sports copy editor at the Knoxville News Sentinel newsroom, Jamie Naughright referred to Peyton Manning as "Golden Boy" during her rants against him. Rants that went on for "years" while an obsessed Naughright called over and over again.

Eventually, the sports department had to stop taking her calls and when they did, Naughright moved on to the news department. The vengeance was uncontrollable.

Night editor Rusty Pabst stated that he had spoken to Naughright four times in the past year.

"She was angry," he said. "Angry at Peyton Manning, angry at UT, angry at the city of Knoxville, angry at the News Sentinel."

Naughright Golden Boy - Violation of non-disclosure agrementInterestingly enough, we can confirm John Battle's report about Naughright calling Manning "Golden Boy" because she referred to him as such on Facebook.

In a post that can and will probably be used by Manning's attorney's to exercise a claim for violation of the non-disclosure agreement, she said she would be, "Loading up ALL the transcripts, documents, and videos for the new year."

Is this the "loading up" process that helped Shaun King get his hands on documents that had not been made public before?

Not only is it beginning to look like Naughright leaked classified documents to Shaun King, but it looks like Naughright is Shaun King's source. If this is the case, then King did no research and wrote an entire story from the sole perspective of a vengeful woman with an incredibly shaky character. A story that might have ruined the legacy of a man.


Here is the entire audio clip that Stokes has uploaded. According to him, this is the first one of three that he will be bringing forward. In this clip, Naughright says that Manning "sucks co**" and also says that she wants to put together a national panel including ESPN to discuss all of this.

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