The Rockies offense will be exactly what you think it will be

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Credit: Noah K. Murray, USA TODAY Sports

"You just know they'll hit."

That's what they say about the National League's four straight years run-leading offense.

They're right.

"They need a bat, and their offense isn't very good."

That's what they say about the same offense if you park adjust the numbers to find that they were clearly the worst lineup to finish above .500 in 2017, let alone make the postseason.

They're right.

That's a humorously big gap in both stat and thought. And both sides are right, or at least prove themselves to be with the data.

What's it that they say? It's all about perspective.

The Colorado Rockies offense is a conundrum and I'm not sure anyone can convince you they're good or bad if you believe the opposite.

I won't either because it might not matter.

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