Trevor Story learning the art of clutch

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Credit: Rick Scuteri, USA TODAY Sports

In February of last year, we wrote about Nolan Arenado's uncanny ability---and we don't use that word lightly---to drive in runs. The "King of Clutch" then went on to have a season that forced us to highlight it again in April, and then one more time in June.

Four years running now, Arenado has been substantially and measurably better at hitting baseballs the more impactful the situation is. Whether you are looking at classic stats like RBI, where he has topped 130 for three straight years, or getting as granular as his sOPS+ in "High-Leverage Situations" there is simply no getting around the fact that the Rockies third baseman has been best when it counts the most.

Whether that can or will continue is still subject for much, often heated, debate. But not for shortstop Trevor Story.

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